Credit: Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH / Gert Steinthaler
Starting next year, there will be a Digital Twin Lab at Lakeside Park Klagenfurt. The DIGITAL Institute is pleased about the expansion of the location…
Gruppenfoto des Konsortiums des ESRIUM Projekts vor der Zentrale der JOANNEUM RESEARCH in Graz
Road damage such as small cracks, ruts or potholes are potential safety risks and cause high maintenance costs for road operators every year. In a…
Digitalisation in viniculture

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Digitalisation in viniculture

Digitalisation has already found its way into viniculture. At the MATERIALS Institute, we develop sensor systems for the determination of glucose and…
The DIGITAL and MeteoSolutions team at the MTWE stand in Paris. Our team (f.l.t.r.) Jürgen Lang (MeteoSolutions), Harald Ganster (JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL) and Jean-Philippe Andreu (JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL)
After a three-year break from the MTWE - Meteorological Technology World Expo, JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL and its cooperation partner MeteoSolutions…
Researcher Marlies Schellnegger
Regular physical exercise can positively influence aging processes and slow them down. This is proven by a collaborative study of COREMED and Med Uni…
Representation of detected plants on a rail track.
Automated detection and control of vegetation on Austria's roads and railways is the goal of a project by the DIGITAL Institute, ASFINAG and ÖBB.
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