LIFE – Institute for Climate, Energy and Society


LIFE - Institute for Climate, Energy and Society is one of the leading research institutes for key issues relating to climate change, climate risks and transformation research towards a climate-neutral society.

The more than 40 LIFE researchers are characterized by their comprehensive overall system understanding of the complex correlations in the fields of climate, energy and society in economic, technological, ecological, social and political terms. Based on its scientific excellence, which is based on consistent analysis, modeling and methodological competence, LIFE is a powerful and trustworthy partner in research, for business, industry and the public sector. The clear social mission of LIFE is:

  • Strengthening resilience to climate and weather risks
  • Transition to a climate-neutral economy / society by 2040

Against the background of current challenges due to climatic, technical, social and spatial changes, LIFE helps to develop decision-making bases and application-oriented solutions for burning questions of our time: How can society better cope with the risks of global warming and keep the economic damage as small as possible? Does climate change also create economic opportunities? How can these opportunities be used? What steps are necessary to put our society on a climate-neutral development path so that climate change can be slowed down? All of these research questions are closely related and require similar methodological approaches.

Climate change threatens Europe's ski resorts - better preparation for Austria
Will skiing in Austria be possible with a global warming of +2° or +4° degrees Celsius? LIFE researchers are involved in a newly published paper on…
New type of circuit board

Life Materials |

Recyclable paper-based circuit boards

What if we could make electronics that could be disposed of and recycled like paper? This is exactly what the MATERIALS and LIFE institutes are…
Every1 Project Consortium meets at first 2023 General Assembly
The European Commission’s Horizon Europe Programme funds the Every1 Project.
Green Deal: How scientific inputs pave the way to achievable goals
As part of the LOCA2Transformation project, companies in Lower Carinthia were supported on their way towards climate neutrality.
Christian Joachim Gruber. In the background: The Science Tower in Graz
Active Mobility, E-Scooter, and Carpools: A discussion with Franz Prettenthaler, the Director of the LIFE Institute, and Christian Joachim Gruber from…
Stakeholder workshop on the effects of carbon pricing
With the final stakeholder workshop, the FARECarbon project has entered the finishing straight.

Moving On - ACstyria Mobilitätskongress 2023 -

Seifenfabrik Graz, Angergasse 43, 8010 Graz, from 10:00 (multi-day)


Zukunftskonferenz 2023 - Leistungsschau der JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Messe Congress Graz, 09:00 - 19:00