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Attention in Mobile Interactions: Gaze Recovery for Large Scale Studies

Paletta, L., Neuschmied, H. and Schwarz, M. and Lodron, H. and Pszeida, M. and Luley, P., Ladstaetter, S., Deutsch, S. and Bobeth, J. and Tscheligi, M.

Challenges in context-aware mobile language learning: The MASELTOV approach

Gaved Mark and Luley Patrick, Efremidis Sofoklis and Georgiou Iakovos and Kukulska-Hulme Agnes and Jones Ann and Scanlon, Eileen

Contextualising and Analysing Planetary Rover Image Products through the Web-Based PRoGIS

Jeremy Morley and James Sprinks and Jan-Peter Muller and Yu Tao and Gerhard Paar, Ben Huber and Arnold Bauer and Konrad Willner and Christoph Traxler and Andrey Garov and Irina Karachevtseva

Continuous 3D recovery of human gaze using multisensory tracking

Paletta, L., Ladstaetter, S., Klopschitz, M. and Schwarz, M. and Luley, P.

European Forest Downstream Services - Improved Information on Forest Structure and Damage

Schardt, M. , Granica, K. and Schuessler, H. and Linser, S.

European Geospatial Image Understanding tools for Mars Exploration

Muller, J.-P. and Tao, Y. and Sidiropolus, P. and Yershov, V. and Morley, J.G. and Sprinks, J. and Paar, G., Huber, B. and Bauer, A. and Willner, K. and Traxler, C.

Evaluation of Speech Enhancement Based on Pre-Image Iterations Using Automatic Speech Recognition

Christina Leitner , Juan A. Morales-Cordovilla and Franz Pernkopf

From minutes to days: Seamless prediction of airspace capacity degradation for air traffic management

Martin Steinheimer and Gerardus Croonen and Harald Ganster, Karin Hennermann and Rudolf Kaltenböck and Markus Kerschbaum and Gregor Löscher and Juliane Petsch and Martina Uray

Fusion and Visualization of HiRISE Super-Resolution, Shape-from-Shading DTM with MER Stereo 3D Reconstructions

Gerhard Paar, Jan-Peter Muller and Yu Tao and Laurence Tyler and Christoph Traxler and Gerd Hesina and Sanjeev Gupta and Ben Huber and Bernhard Nauschnegg and Members of the PRoViDE Consortium

Human Factor Modeling from Wearable Sensed Data for Evacuation based Simulation Scenarios

Paletta, L., Wagner, V. and Kallus, W. and Schrom-Feiertag, H. and Schwarz, M. and Pszeida, M. and Ladstaetter, S. and Matyus, T.

IDGEI 2014: 2nd international workshop on intelligent digital games for empowerment and inclusion

Paletta, Lucas, Schuller, Bjoern W. and Robinson, Peter and Sabouret, Nicolas