3rd International Workshop on Interactive Content Consumption (WSICC'15)

Publikation aus Digital
Connected Computing

Kaiser R., Meixner B., Jaeger J., Tonndorf K., Niamut O. A., Marston D.

Brussels, Belgium Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video, p203-208, 2015


The third edition of the WSICC workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners working on novel approaches for interactive multimedia content consumption. WSICC has established itself as a truly interactive workshop at EuroITV'13 and TVX'14 with two successful editions. The aims and scope of WSICC'15 have been sharpened based on the results from previous workshops. New technologies, devices, media formats and consumption paradigms are emerging that allow for new types of
 interactivity. All these recent advances have an impact on the user's experience - therefore, discussions during the workshop based on the participants' contributions will consider this aspect with particular emphasis. The workshop's program, further details and documentation about all WSICC editions is available on the website.