Comparative Assessment of Surface Mapping Procedures Using Images Acquired by the Digital High-Resolution UltracamD Camera

Publikation aus Digital

Raggam J., Gutjahr K.H.

Earsel 2007 , 2007


Supplementary to spaceborne sensors, digital large format cameras
 - like for instance the UltracamD camera – may be operated in airborne
 campaigns in order to acquire image data with
 extremely high resolution. Highly redundant image material may be
 achieved due to a high overlap of sequentially acquired images. This
 can be favourably utilized for surface reconstruction. In
 this paper a comparative assessment of approaches for surface mapping
 is presented, using data sets acquired by the UltracamD camera. Comparison
 is made between the results achieved when using a single image pair
 with some 60 percent overlap only versus the results which are achieved
 when utilizing the multi-image coverage in a simultaneous manner.
 The multi-image
 based mapping procedures are presented, and their benefit is high-lighted
 in a comparative assessment with respect to standard stereo mapping.