Indicative hazard maps for landslides in Styria; Austria

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Prokse Herwig, Bauer Christian

Journal Acta Geobalcanica Volume 2 Issue 2, July 2016, Pages 93-101 , 7/2016


This study presents Indicative Hazard Maps for gravitational mass movements for the whole of the Province of Styria (Austria) aiming at implementing these maps into the spatial and forestal planning strategies of the provincial administration. Processes taken into account were deep-seated and shallow landslides as well as stone and rock falls. An extensive landslide inventory was generated, based on recently recorded airborne laserscanning data. The landslide susceptibility modelling was based on a statistical approach (logistic regression). This contribution is focused on the methodological approach in generating Indicative Hazard Maps for landslides at regional scale. Due to process-complexity and scale-dependency of input data, landslide susceptibility modelling is still subject to many uncertainties. These will be further addressed in the present contribution.


Keywords: Indicative Hazard Map, Airborne Laserscanning Data, Landslides. Logistic Regression