Semantic Statistics: Bringing Together SDMX and SCOVO

Publikation aus Digital

Richard Cyganiak R., Simon F. Arofan G., Halb W., Tennison J.

Raleigh, USA Linked Data on the Web Workshop at the 19th International World Wide Web Conference 2010 (LDOW2010), 4/2010


Whether it's population, income, unemployment or interest rates, statistical  data is a fundamental source of information for analysis and visualisations. Many publishers of statistics use SDMX to represent statistics and make them available through web services. The linked data principles of identifying items with HTTP URIs and  representing data using RDF provide some benefits (though also some costs) for statistical publishing. This paper describes how the SDMX information model can be used with linked data and RDF and describes some ongoing work to explore the impact of doing so.