UK Space Agency "Mars Utah Rover Field Investigation 2016" (MURFI 2016). Overview of Mission, Aims and Progress

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M.R. Balme and M.C. Curtis-Rouse and S. Banham and D. Barnes and R. Barnes and A. Bauer and C. Bedford and J. Bridges and C. Traxler et al

Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2017 , 1/2017


The Mars Utah Rover Field Investi-gation ¡§MURFI 2016¡¨ is a Mars Rover field analogue mission run by the UK Space Agency (UKSA) in col-laboration with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). MURFI 2016 took place between 22nd October and 13th November 2016 and consisted of a field team in-cluding an instrumented Rover platform (Fig. 1), at the field site near Hanksville (Utah, USA), and an ¡¥Opera-tions Team¡¦ based in the Mission Control Centre (MOC) at the Harwell Campus near Oxford in the UK.