Matching supply and demand: A typology of climate services

Publikation aus
Wetter- und Klimarisikomanagement

Klaasjan Visscher, Peter Stegmaier, Andrea Damm, Robin Hamaker-Taylor, Atte Harjanne, Raffaele Giordano

Climate Services Volume 17, 1/2020


Climate services bear the promise of becoming a new, remunerative market of knowledge-intensive services. Although several climate services have been developed, there has been little reflection on the kinds of services such a new market could encompass, and on the ways in which formats can be created that match supply and demand. Using a research approach based on Constructive Technology Assessment (CTA), this article presents a typology of climate services, with types called ‘Maps & Apps’, ‘Expert Analysis’, ‘Climate-inclusive Consulting’, and ‘Sharing Practices’. This typology, which is conceptually elaborated and empirically illustrated, structures the variety in current and potential climate services. It provides a framework for the development of climate services and helps users and producers to explore and articulate alternatives for matching supply and demand. On the basis of our analysis we also point towards a more differentiated and broader conceptualization of climate services.

Keywords: Climate services; Constructive Technology Assessment; Service innovation; Market development; Users