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Developing a sensor layer for the optical detection of amines during food spoilage

Publikation aus Materials

Ing. Cindy Schaude, Claudia Meindl, Eleonore Fröhlich, Jennifer Attard, Dr. rer. nat. habil. Gerhard Mohr

Talanta 170 (2017) 481–487 , 4/2017


A colourimetric sensor layer has been developed for ammonia and biogenic amines. Amine exposure induces a traffic light colour change from green to red. Recognition is performed by a pH indicator dye, covalently immobilised onto cellulose microparticles. The sensor microparticles are embedded into food-grade silicone. Selectivity of the pH indicator dye towards gaseous amine is obtained by complete embedding of the sensor particles within the ion-impermeable silicone. A response time of 1.5 h has been achieved, with a reverse response occurring after 20 h. This time frame is considered sufficient for spoilage processes. Cytotoxicity studies confirm the layers are non-toxic.