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Optochemical Sensors Based on Luminescence

Publikation aus Materials

Cajlakovic Merima, Bizzarri Alessandro, Konrad Christian, Voraberger Hannes

Encyclopedia of Sensors. E. C. D. Craig A. Grimes, and Michael V. Pishko, USA. 25650 North Lewis Way, Stevenson Ranch, California 91381-1439 , USA, American Scientific Publisher. 7: 291-314. , 2006


The aim of this contribution to the Encyclopedia of sensors is to provide the reader the basic principles of lifetime-based optochemical sensors focusing on phase-modulation fluorometry as the measurement principle. Chapter 2 deals with detection principles for luminescence based sensors, where the differences between intensity and luminescence lifetime (time-domain and frequency-domain) measurements are described. Chapter 3 discusses instrumentation for the phase measurement technique focused on the principle set-up of phase measurements, different phase detection principle and limiting factors for performance of phase measurements as well as optical components in instrumentation set-up. Last Chapter 4 describes sensor schemes for lifetime-based optochemical sensors using the phase-modulation method. This chapter reviews chemical detection principles bused in lifetime-based sensors for monitoring pH, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

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