Validation of Relevant Parameters of Sensitive Manipulators for Human-Robot Collaboration

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David Kirschner , Andreas Schlotzhauer , Mathias Brandstötter , Michael Hofbaur

Advances in Service and Industrial Robotics. RAAD 2017. Mechanisms and Machine Science, vol 49, pp. 242-252 , 7/2017


The development of sensitive manipulators has decisively enlarged the range of robot applications in recent years. This robot class enables direct interaction between humans and robots, even in an industrial environment. High demands from the industry are placed on robot Systems in general, such as robustness, precision, high and constant speed, etc., of which collaborative robots are not excepted. In this paper important parameters of sensitive robots are listed and well-known Systems from different manufacturers are compared by extensive measurements. Peculiarities are identified, analysed, and presented and valuable suggestions for programmers and applicators are derived.


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Keywords: ABB YuMi, KUKA iiwa, Universal Robot UR3, sensitivity, force, pressure, accuracy, repeatability, measurement