We Are Living in a Social Submarine! Children Are Still the Better Adults

Publikation aus Robotics

Michael Funk, Bernhard Dieber

Envisioning Robots in Society - Power, Politics and Public Space, Proceedings of the Robophilosophy / TRANSOR 2018, vol 311, IOS press, pp. 75-87 , 2/2018


In three sections some interactions at the workshop “YuMi in Action! Ethics and Engineering as Transdisciplinary Robotics Performance” and related later reflections are summarized. The primary emphasis is to illustrate what transdisciplinarity is and how transdisciplinarity could work as a certain form of scientific cooperation. Therefore four principles of biomedical ethics are applied to human robot interactions just like the VDI codex of engineering ethics. Methodological fundamentals of transdisciplinary cooperation are discussed related to concrete medical applications of the robot “YuMi.” In the last section the question of transdisciplinary research is (experimentally) related to the metaphor of “social submarines” and concrete practical issues that endanger real transdisciplinarity. Here we close with the question whether children´s more or less unbiased imagination could be seen as a requirement of real transdisciplinarity.


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Keywords: Human-machine-interaction, social robots, transdisciplinary methodology, epistemology, responsibility, security, safety, robot ethics