Tec.Reg - Technologies for Regenerative Medicine

Developing a technology basis to objectively assess local inflammatory processes in the skin as a prerequisite for advancing regenerative technologies.

Inflammations in the body play a crucial role in acute and chronic diseases as well as in aging and wound healing. There is a great interest in investigating key inflammatory processes not only from a medical but also from a health policy perspective.

In the Tec.Reg project, HEALTH and COREMED are joining forces with the common goal of achieving rapid advances in the field of inflammation with a focus on the development of technologies that enable multimodal monitoring in healthy and "inflamed" skin. For example, early diagnosis of chronic wound development can be helpful to prevent acute wounds from becoming chronic wounds.

At HEALTH, new technologies are developed and existing measurement techniques are adapted and optimized to characterize the inflammation in the wound healing process in a high spatiotemporal resolution. Furthermore, Tec.Reg investigates the differences between normal and derailed inflammatory reactions.

The necessary preclinical models for acute and chronic wounds are being established at COREMED. The main challenge is develop models that closely reflect the clinical situation. These clinically relevant models together with the implementation of innovative imaging procedures will contribute to a fast translation of the results from the Tec.Reg project into clinical settings.


Project Information

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology