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ReDeform: Registration of deformable bodies

ReDeform is an efficiency tool for the radiation therapy planning on CT (computer tomography) data within the ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) region.

Radiation therapy is planned on the CT scan performed at the beginning of the treatment. Regions to be treated and corresponding doses are specified in 3D. Usually the plan is constant over the full progress. Consequently, it is difficult to adapt to possible changes of the patient (e.g. weight loss or reduction of the tumour region). Over time the therapy is less focused and can even be harmful in extreme cases.


With the help of ReDeform and the usage of CT images, it is possible to automatically track physical changes of patientsand adapt the treatment plan accordingly. A time consuming construction of a new treatment plan is not necessary. The result is a more efficient therapy, despite the fact that additional CT scans are necessary. The chances of success rises, as the impact of the additional CT radiation exposure is significantly smaller than the risk of treating the wrong type of tissue.

Technically, ReDeform automatically tracks changes between CT datasets of different dates. The calculated deformation is visualized in a unique way, so an expert can easily distinguish between important volume deformations and insignificant changes in the patient position. Colour coded visualisation allows for the differentiation of small and large changes. In addition, a statistical evaluation of the volume changes of the given structures is available. The originally planned structs and doses can be automatically transformed to the new data. This serves as additional cue to the expert for the judgment of the suitability of the current treatment plan and gives a suggestion for the changes necessary to be applied to the treatment plan.

ReDeform was integrated in the product ARTIVIEW by AQUILAB SAS. Exclusivity ended 2019!

  1. Direct communication with DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications) Message Exchange Server
  2. Load data via PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)
  3. Automated patient anonymization
  4. Automated segmentation tools for certain structures and manual segmentation of individual areas
  5. Automated registration of two CT datasets
  6. Automated transformation of dose, structs and studies
  7. Visualization of results and interactive interpretation of deformation
    • Simultaneous visualization of both datasets
    • Illustration of rigid and non-rigid deformation field
    • Comparison of new and old struct objects
    • View of new dose object
    • Deformation visualization
  8. Automated replanning suggestion
    • Summation of already applied dose
    • Statistics of volume changes
  9. Generation of transformation video.
  10. Manually select points in the CT data and store it in a struct
  11. Easy/Intuitive handling  
  12. Integrated database for user management

Brochure "ReDeform"


System architecture
Patents and Standards
  1. Patents: EP2525323A1 and US9489736B2
  2. Conformity with ISO 13485/ISO 62304
  3. Conformity with DICOM Standard
  4. Clinical study including 20 patients at the medical university of Graz completed
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