TRAMI - TRAnsnational Cooperation on the MIssions approach

The overall objective of the TRAMI project (funded through Horizon Europe by the Europan Union) is to foster the cooperation and coordination between EU-level actions and complementary national, regional and local actions in support of the implementation of missions.

This shall be achieved by means of establishing a Missions Core Network (MCN) among the main institutions tasked with the implementation of the EU-missions in the Member States/Associated Countries (MS/AC) and the European Commission (EC). The main role of the MCN will be to enable and facilitate interaction, knowledge exchange, mutual learning and, where necessary, coordination and alignment between MS/AC on national, regional and local levels, while seeking dialogue with mission-related governmental bodies on all levels, including the European Commission. 

This project will strengthen the MCN’s members’ capabilities for rapid testing, piloting, demonstrating, scaling up and de-risking of missions, with the aim of establishing structures and processes which have the potential to remain useful after the conclusions of this project, de facto creating a permanent support and service mechanism for the MS/AC and the EC.


Objectives of TRAMI supporting EU Missions

  • support the alignment and coordination between national, regional and local initiatives
  • exchange best practice on how complementary policy efforts and related funding can contribute
  • facilitate the engagement of regional and local actors in support of EU-level  or  national activities
  • map the relevant stakeholders, which are key actors to support the implementation of missions
  • map different existing funding streams and explore respective possibilities of mobilisation and combination
  • prepare for potential hubs at national level: The TRAMI CORE NETWORK
  • develop the basis for a governance model supporting the  implemention of missions.
  • raise awareness and to engage and mobilise key stakeholders and citizens to actively participate
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