Ethics & responsible research and innovation

The responsible use of research, technology and innovation is an important concern for JOANNEUM RESEARCH. On the one hand, topics of social relevance are central to our research (e.g. climate change, sustainable development, security research, mobility, and socio-demographic issues), on the other hand, we also reflect self-critically on the research and innovation process.  

A legal framework, especially with regard to the relationship between the research company and the researcher, is provided by the Ethics Agreement to the Collective Agreement for Employees in Non-University Research. It is intended to sensitise researchers to ethical issues in their work and to encourage them to critically examine their own professional actions.

In addition, ethical guidelines have been available to all employees of JOANNEUM RESEARCH since 2010 as an additional orientation aid. These guidelines provide orientation on possible courses of action, for example in the event of conflicts of values. Ethically correct, ethically conscious research also serves to improve the quality of research and thus represents added value for the services offered by JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

JOANNEUM Research is also an active member of the Austrian Agency for Scientific Integrity and is committed to its guidelines on good scientific practice, which are intended to prevent scientific misconduct. Since autumn 2016, JOANNEUM RESEARCH has also established an ombudsman to deal with relevant concerns.

As a member and secretariat of the "Platform Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Austria", JOANNEUM RESEARCH works together with other university and non-university research institutions to develop and disseminate transparent, inclusive and responsible research and innovation processes.


Further information can be found on the platform RRI Austria
Download Ethical Guidelines
Memorandum of Understanding - Principles of Scientific Integrity for Studies of Public Contract Research (WIFO, IHS, JR, AIT, wiiw)

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