Security and Defence

Tailor-made security models for IT infrastructure and innovative developments for national defence.


Innovative digital solutions for security. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH


We develop customised solutions to ensure security in cyberspace as well as in the real world and to avoid failures of critical infrastructures in transport, energy supply or industry or to make attacks on these infrastructures more difficult. We create individually tailored security concepts that are based on real points of attack. Decades of experience in the development of applications for safety-critical infrastructures enable us to translate research results into components for productive use.


Research focus:

  • Cyber security
  • Command and control information systems
  • Protection of critical infrastructures
  • Autonomous mission vehicles
Cyber Security and Safety Critical Applications


We develop customised security models for your IT infrastructure that are based on real points of attack. For the risk analysis, the derivation of protective measures and the verification of their effectiveness, we develop software tools that combine the strengths of existing tools, prepare results clearly and thus enable quick decisions.

We have decades of experience in the development of applications for safety-critical infrastructures, which enables us to further develop results of application-oriented research projects in such a way that they can be easily transferred into marketable products. Our many years of experience with machine learning algorithms and rule-based processes allow us to successfully apply this expertise to anomaly detection in data streams and thus to the detection of cyber incidents.

  • Network Mapping
    • Development of methods and tools for security analysis of IT networks
  • IoT Security
    • Ensuring trustworthy interaction across devices, machines and networks while guaranteeing integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of information and intellectual property.

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Surveillance in public space

Based on the research experience of the Institute, an overall architecture consisting of a flight-capable sensor platform, a communication device and a ground station was implemented over the course of several projects, which is capable of generating situation images in real time for different deployment scenarios.

  • Crowd Monitoring
    • Estimation of people density and movement from video data at mass events to ensure the safety of the people participating

Another example is monitoring and alerting in the event of vandalism and security-threatening situations in public spaces.

Graffiti Buster: Acoustic Graffiti-Detection

Graffiti Buster: Acoustic Graffiti-Detection. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Defence research: Innovative developments and potentials

Within the framework of our research cooperation with the Austrian Armed Forces, we are working to ensure the security of Austria and its citizens.

  • NBC Information Management System
    • Information and reporting system for the Austrian Armed Forces to record possible danger areas and initiate appropriate measures and warnings.
  • Counter UAV
    • Acoustic sensor technology for the detection and localisation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in real time for the protection of critical infrastructure.

Commemorative brochure on the occasion of the renewal of the cooperation agreement between JR and the Ministry of Defence in Graz, 21 September 2018