User Experience Sustainability Assessment (UXSA)

The desire of consumers for sustainable products and services is growing as quickly as the awareness of the value of positive experiences

In addition, the user experience of products is closely connected to their environmental impact.

A precondition for improving user experience and sustainability is therefore a precise behaviour analysis in the context of the entire product life cycle.

In the research area of User Experience Sustainability Assessment (UXSA) at the LIFE Institute, decades of experience in sustainability assessment and innovative methods of social and economic research are combined.

This combination allows a systematic view of sustainability and user experience and thus a scientifically sound answer to the core questions of the UXSA:

Product sheet: User Experience Sustainability Assessment (UXSA)


Define target groups

A detailed and profound picture of the "who?" provides information about the users of a product and/or a service. This includes lifestyle, social parameters and values and particularly the needs of the users. This is the pivot point to effective target group management.

How & how long?

Create a data basis

A reliable data basis about "how and for how long?" provides information about the way the product is used under real life conditions and what happens to it after the use phase at the "end of life" (EOL).


Improve the design of products

Different modes in using products and services, and differences in user-experience can be related to a variety of factors. With scientifically sound answers to the question "why?" User Experience Sustainability Assessment provides the best possible basis for the (further) development of products that combine environmental sustainability and a positive user experience.

Environmental impact and user experience are connected:

Product Sheet: User Experience Sustainability Assessment (UXSA)

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