WEDDA® - WEather Driven Demand Analysis

  • Which types of weather could damage my business the most?
  • How high is the measured weather risk in Euros?
  • How do I most effectively plan my personnel deployment or stock of inventory?

Weather risk assessment or management is a field of operational risk management, which has come increasingly into focus due to increasing weather and climate variability. This risk can cancel out up to 30% of the sale returns for commercial enterprises, and for enterprises whose sales depend upon or are influenced by the weather, even more.

With the WEDDA® Toolbox (WEather Driven Demand Analysis), the research group Weather and Climate Risk Management offers:

  • detailed, location-based weather risk analyses
  • 10-day forecasts, for example, of sales or costumer number on the basis of weather forecasts and calendar events to allow better planning (stock of goods, personnel employment)
  • creation of weather-adjusted performance indicators, for example, on a weekly or monthly basis
  • quantification of risks using financial ratios
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