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Comprehensive Control of Furniture and Door Edges

Automatic quality control

The innovative in-line inspection system enables automatic quality control during the production of interior doors. The challenge, however, is that a highly complex product line that includes an enormous range of materials and unique shapes must be examined. Quality control must be carried out at full production speed both at the edges and on the surface.

Different materials are taken into account

In the modern home, interior doors are essential design features that express individual tastes. In order to meet the design requirements, very different surface materials, combinations of materials and dimensions are used. In addition, during the finishing of each door, individually unique characteristics may be introduced. The enormous resulting variety of shapes and surfaces represents a level of complexity that, thus far, could not be processed by automated inspection systems.

Automatic quality control detects the following errors and characteristics of quality:

  • Edge control: Form, indentations, scratches, abrasions, edge rounding or damage, incorrect material, burns
  • Surface control: damage to the surface, scratches, presence of foreign bodies, paintwork damage, color deviations


Detailed analysis and documentation

The evaluation is performed, contactless, at full production speed. Suitable sensor systems relay the data; image processing algorithms interpret the data and reduce them to a form; the quality is verified or a detailed description of the error is generated. The connection with a production planning system allows the verification of the desired specifications with individually configurable tolerance levels. The results are provided as feedback for further statistical analysis of the quality control work flow.

With these flexible methods, highly complex production processes can be automatically monitored using quantitative quality specifications for what is perhaps the first time. The methods can be used in a wide range of applications such as, for example, the furniture and lumber industry.

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