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Automatic, Continuous Measurement of Precipitation Particles

The 2D video distrometer measures the outline, profile and fall speed of precipitation particles. From these measurements, the particle size distribution, rate of rainfall and the nature of the precipitation particles (raindrops, hail or snow) are determined.

Reliable models for the fine structure of precipitation are basic requirements for a wide range of applications in telecommunications, remote sensing and meteorology. The 2D video disdrometer provides the necessary detailed information: with two high-speed cameras, precipitation particles are filmed from the front and the side and, thus, measured with a high degree of accuracy.

The data stored in the analytical computer provide information about the size, shape, aggregation state, spatial position and fall speed of each precipitate particle. The measured data, supplemented by calculated data such as the rainfall rate or particle size distribution, provides a basis for more accurate weather forecasts and allows precise statements to be made about the effects of each type of precipitation on satellite communication.

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