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CoBot Studio

Crossing Realities for Mutual Understanding in Human-Robot Teams

Project Content

The goal of the project CoBot Studio is the development of a mixed reality simulation environment for the investigation of communication processes in the physical collaboration between humans and robots. A large number of different people can play through industry-relevant collaborative actions with robots within defined scenarios (physical approach, hand-over, assembly). Within the scenarios, non-verbal communication signals (motion sequences, visual signals) of the robot are varied and examined for their interpretability for humans and the related evaluation of the collaborative experience (well-being, subjective security, control perception).

Focus areas:

  • Mixed-Reality Simulation Environments for Collaborative Industrial Applications
  • Modelling of robot intentions combined with visual signals
  • Investigation of non-verbal communication signals of the robot
  • Interpretability of robot actions by humans
  • Evaluation of the collaboration experience
  • Design principles for humane design of motion sequences and signals
Project information
Project website

Further information can be found at www.cobotstudio.com