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ADAM remote sensing platform
The national research project REACTIFI on tropical forest monitoring starts with a virtual kick-off meeting on 9 October.
Authoring Tool für Anwendungen in Innenarchitektur
DIGITAL continues to expand its expertise in the field of smart media and coordinates the European research project ATLANTIS "AuThoring tooL for…
Dr. Branka Stojanovic at her presentation.
DIGITAL presents the project Critical-chains at CONECT Informunity in Vienna.
Vision-Based Visibility Estimation
The European key player “Deutscher Wetterdienst” (DWD) has just acquired first licenses of visIvis®, Vision-Based Visibility Estimation
Projektlogo AI4Media
With a virtual kick-off meeting on 29 and 30 September, the European research project AI4Media, which deals with the use and the associated challenges…
Experts of the "Smart Media Solutions" group of JOANNEUM RESEARCH present technologies for automated analysis, interpretation and application of the…
Digital biosensor analysis for real-time interaction in the Human Factors Lab with Michael Schneeberger and Zhanna Bambach.
The Institute DIGITAL continues to expand its expertise in the analysis of human factors and contributes to the international research project…
In our image processing lab we have a optical sensor system to automate complex measurement tasks.
The Institute DIGITAL of JOANNEUM RESEARCH contributes with innovative optical sensor system to automate complex measurement tasks in quality…
The Institute DIGITAL contributes to instrument development for digital image processing.
Dr. Merhala Thurai-Rajasingam of Colorado State University in the United States has published research that takes into account new techniques for…
We are investigating the properties of the so-called W band (75 GHz), which is to be used in future high-performance satellites. The picture shows a nanosatellite (3U CubeSat) developed by us with the researcher Michael Schmidt.

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A Nanosatellite for the ESA

The DIGITAL institute is conducting research on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) into the next generation of communications satellites.
The master’s thesis of Dr. Roland Perko was awarded the first place at the AGEO AWARD. The award ceremony will take place during the AGIT conference…