Reference Projects

Tissue-specific Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics

  • Tec.Reg:
    Technologies for Regenerative Medicine

  • Smart4fabry:
    Smart functional GLA nanoformulation for Fabry disease
  • IDT4Brain:
    Improved diagnosis and treatment for neurodegenerative diseases by directly accessing tissues in the brain

  • PK-PD of Antibody:
    Pharmacokinetics und pharmacodynamics of an antibody in the skin of healthy volunteers and psoriatric patients

  • FDA-Project:
    Bioequivalence of drugs in the skin





  • Met2Net
    Combines results from bioanalytical and small molecule screening studies with medical and biological expertise by using new methods in information technology.

  • Tec.Reg
    Technologies for Regenerative Medicine

  • ImmUniverse
    Transforming Diagnosis and Therapy of Immune-Mediated Diseases

  • TraceFATT
    New therapies in the fight against the epidemic of the 21st century: obesity 


Medical Sensors

    Single port insulin infusion for improved diabetes management


Clinical Decision Support

  • GlucoTab
    Digital blood glucose management and insulin therapy for hospitalised Type 2 diabetes patients

  • GlucoTab@Home
    Algorithm-Based Insulin Therapies for Patient Self-Management

  • GlucoTab@MobileCare
    Algorithm-Based Diabetes Therapy in Domiciliary Care

    Clinical Decision Support and Benchmarking in Acute Geriatrics Units

  • OPCheck
    Innovative Process Digitization in the Operating Room

  • IdRis
    Identification and prediction of risk potentials of elderly through digital biomarkers

  • MedSens
    Early detection of diabetic foot syndrome and pressure ulcers through intelligent insoles and seat cushions