Reference Projects

Tissue-specific Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics

  • Tec.Reg:
    Technologies for Regenerative Medicine

  • Smart4fabry:
    Smart functional GLA nanoformulation for Fabry disease
  • IDT4Brain:
    Improved diagnosis and treatment for neurodegenerative diseases by directly accessing tissues in the brain

  • PK-PD of Antibody:
    Pharmacokinetics und pharmacodynamics of an antibody in the skin of healthy volunteers and psoriatric patients

  • FDA-Project:
    Bioequivalence of drugs in the skin





  • ImmUniverse
    Transforming Diagnosis and Therapy of Immune-Mediated Diseases

  • Tec.Reg
    Technologies for Regenerative Medicine

  • TraceFATT
    New therapies in the fight against the epidemic of the 21st century: obesity 

  • Met2Net
    Combines results from bioanalytical and small molecule screening studies with medical and biological expertise by using new methods in information technology.


Medical Sensors

    Single port insulin infusion for improved diabetes management


Clinical Decision Support

  • GlucoTab
    Digital blood glucose management and insulin therapy for hospitalised Type 2 diabetes patients

  • GlucoTab@Home
    Algorithm-Based Insulin Therapies for Patient Self-Management

  • GlucoTab@MobileCare
    Algorithm-Based Diabetes Therapy in Domiciliary Care

    Clinical Decision Support and Benchmarking in Acute Geriatrics Units

  • OPCheck
    Innovative Process Digitization in the Operating Room

  • IdRis
    Identification and prediction of risk potentials of elderly through digital biomarkers

  • MedSens
    Early detection of diabetic foot syndrome and pressure ulcers through intelligent insoles and seat cushions