Competence development

The high level of commitment and the standard top qualifications of the employees help ensure the success of JOANNEUM RESEARCH. JOANNEUM RESEARCH can only  meet the many and varied demands of striving for scientific excellence and developing application-oriented technology by continuously supporting and increasing the flexibility, readiness, expertise and social competences of our employees.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH has established a competence development concept to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its training measures. The qualification measures offered by JOANNEUM RESEARCH, including  personal education and training, aim to  improve the capabilities and output of the JOANNEUM RESEARCH team in the best manner possible. In this way, a future for the excellent performance of the company both regionally and internationally  can be assured.

The researchers working for JOANNEUM RESEARCH may also follow a “dual career path”. They  can opt either for a career as a scientific and technical specialist or  focus on the areas of management and leadership.

The career development path is comprised of the following stages: initial development, qualification, specialisation and expansion (the four-stage model). This model has significant advantages including the targeted development of researchers to match specific requirements of each project and refining the strategic direction taken by their organisation unit. At the same time, a pool of outstandingly well trained and educated young scientists is created.