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Graffiti Buster: Acoustic Detection of Graffiti Spraying

Our Offering

Graffiti causes both high economic and image costs for companies and public institutions. Rapid detection of graffiti spraying and alerting is essential if the costs of repair are to be minimized.

The acoustic monitoring of the object and its environment by Graffiti Buster™ can reliably detect the sound of a can being shaken and the act of spraying itself.

The Challenge


  • Damages all kinds of infrastructure and rolling stock
  • Causes high cleaning costs
  • Leads to loss of revenue
  • Results in considerable image loss
Our Solution

Graffiti Buster™

  • Alerts within 2 seconds of start of spraying
  • Warns when shaking of a can is detected
  • Prevents damage to infrastructure
  • Works day and night in all weather conditions (even in fog!)
  • Uses microphones to detect sounds
  • Automatically classifies sounds using machine learning algorithms
  • Sends messages to a control centre
  • Integration:
    • Embed miniature and inconspicuous microphones in your building or rolling stock
    • Unobtrusive installation
    • Compliant with safety regulations
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