Logo from the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
The World Audiovisual Heritage Day, designated by UNESCO, takes place on October 27th.
JOANNEUM RESEARCH VR-SenseCity, exhibit view
The "STEIERMARK SCHAU" and DIGITAL invite you to an interactive exhibit with mindfulness coach and virtual sensory experiences. As part of the…
The research team from DIGITAL Carina Sobe and Manuela Hirschmugl received the Best Paper Award for „Energy from Biomass: Assessing Sustainability by…
How will the digitization of traffic infrastructure influence the future of mobility? How can digital twins of road and rail infrastructure be created…
The participants of the final event of the project ABC Mouse stand on the stairs of JOANNEUM RESEARCH for a joint final photo.
The results of the project ABC MAUS (Modelling of the atmospheric dispersion of NBC ordnance and situational awareness improvement through sensor data…
Researchers from Osaka University and JOANNEUM RESEARCH MATERIALS created flexible integrated circuits precisely tuned by illuminating an organic…
JOANNEUM RESEARCH MATERIALS is a partner in the OITB project FlexFunction2Sustain. The project launches an Open Call for Pilot Case projects.
Implementation options for more design sustainability and acceptance in our living spaces
Combatting climate change requires the sustainable transformation of the economy towards greenhouse gas-neutral, resource-efficient and…
A discussion of central aspects with a view to Austria
Bernhard Jandl-Scherf and Harald Lernbeiß present ABC-MAUS extensions to ABC-IS
The ABC-MAUS project, which expands the NBC information system of the Austrian Armed Forces with essential new features, is currently in the…
Infineon Austria has joined forces with Innsbruck University and JOANNEUM RESEARCH in the research on ion-based processors with integrated optics.
Group picture with Prof. Dr. Gerhard Skoff (AVL), BM Mag. Klaudia Tanner, Director Dr. Heinz Mayer and Brigadier Michael Janisch, at the presentation of the latest digital technologies for autonomous off-road use
The experts from DIGITAL presented the PALONA system, which enables the localisation of vehicles using only passive sensors.
The Research and Science Council in our ROBOTICS hall
On 7th July 2021, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Research and Science Council Carinthia.
Product of the "Intelligent Acoustic Solutions" research group to increase passenger safety was selected as the winner.
On 29 June, the 84th Digitaldialog on the topic of "Digital Forest Twin" took place on the premises of JOANNEUM RESEARCH in Graz. Around 80 interested…
Front page of the book "Towards Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Highways", Springer Verlag
Experts from the Cyber-Security and Defence research group have published findings from their research in a book on highways for connected and…
LIFE presents analyses at international conferences
Patrick Luley presents the Mobile Mapping System built on a passenger car at the exhibition booth.
Under the motto "Automated Mobility", the ACstyria Business Lounge took place at Graz Airport on 16.06.2021, where DIGITAL presented its unique mobile…
With its holistic approach, LIFE creates new perspectives for a socially inclusive flood risk management.
DI Michael Schmidt with the model of the cube satellite, which has a size of 10x10x30cm.
On Monday, 28th of June, the W-Cube satellite will be launched on board a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral into a polar orbit. Michael Schmidt from…
Logo from CLAIRE research and innovation network
DIGITAL has been accepted as a member of the CLAIRE Research and Innovation Network, helping to ensure European excellence in all areas of AI, with a…
One year after the project launch, the NextGenMicrofluidics consortium celebrated the project's major technological progress and the foundation of the…
In the latest issue of the Journal MABS, Florie Le Prieult and colleagues from AbbVie Germany published latest results they observed after measuring…
Group photo of the speakers on site at the Global Innovation Summit

Digital |

Global Innovation Summit 2021

Over 200 people attended the session organised by JOANNEUM RESEARCH on the topic of "Digital Sensor Innovations made in Styria", which highlighted…
Time lapse photography of blue lights
DI (FH) Werner Bailer will present about ”Lowering the costs of enterprise AI by deploying compact neural networks“ at the Software for AI…

Materials |

PyzoFlex®- Let’s go on snow!

First field tests of the PyzoFlex® sensors on snow showed that the piezoelectric sensors work reliably even under extreme conditions such as cold,…
f. l. Martin Beermann, Franz Prettenthaler and Gerfried Jungmeier with the battery life cycle tester
As of the end of January 2021, there were over 45,000 all-electric passenger cars in Austria. This is less than 1% of all vehicles on Austria's roads,…
High-precision measurement of railway infrastructure.
DIGITAL and MATERIALS have jointly participated in a virtual business mission to explore the potential applications of Styrian innovations for the…
Sheet-type piezoelectric system with self-generation and storage functions (Image of an integrated system)

Materials |

Patching up your health

Researchers at Osaka University and JOANNEUM RESEARCH develop ultrathin self-powered e-health patches that can monitor a user’s pulse and blood…
The Austrian team's first 3D visualisation with data from day 2 of the mission (Sol 2)
The Mars 2020 mission has been running smoothly since launch.
DIGITAL is co-hosting a webinar with ALP.Lab to discuss the technical solution and specific use cases for testing automated driving functions based on…
The upgrade of the tunnels along the Vienna Outer Ring Road with the acoustic tunnel monitoring system will start this week.
The results of the research project JustFair are now online
Spot, der Laufroboter von Boston Dynamics, läuft einen Hügel hinauf. Der Roboter wurde bei ROBOTICS in Klagenfurt vorgestellt.

Robotics |


We tested Spot, the four-legged walking robot from Boston Dynamics, at the ROBOTICS Institute in Klagenfurt.
  JOANNEUM RESEARCH LIFE is a project partner in the HORIZON 2020 project REGREEN, which started in 2019. Under the leadership of Arhus University,…
Die Trophäe des Best Performance Award wird Ulrike Kleb von Geschäftsführer Wolfgang Pribyl überreicht, Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/ Schwarzl
The winners of the Best Performance Award 2021 have been confirmed! JOANNEUM RESEARCH awarded the best projects of its researchers.
Using satellite and weather observations to detect potential late frost damage quickly and automatically.
Wolfgang Pribyl in the studio at Joanneum Research headquarters in Graz, where the virtual future conference is being recorded.
More than 800 participants were informed virtually about research achievements that make production fit for the future.
Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Regional Minister for Economic Affairs and Research, with CEO Wolfgang Pribyl.

Company |

10 Years Of Future

The first JOANNEUM RESEARCH Future Conference took place on 24 March 2011. While it was initially intended more as an internal company event for the…
Screenshot des virtuellen BRIDGE-Meeting im März 2021 mit den geplanten Tarifänderung für Local Energy Communities in den Ländern Österreich, Italien, Portugal und Frankreich
From March 2nd to 4th 2021 the annual meeting of the BRIDGE initiative took place virtually.
DIGITAL - Institute for Information and Communication Technologies hosted the 80th Digitaldialog on February 23, providing insight into the importance…
Experts from the “Remote Sensing and Geoinformation” research group have published project results that support more efficient decision making to…
2D Video Distrometer. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Digital |

Extensive order from China

The Institute DIGITAL of JOANNEUM RESEARCH received an important contract from China for the delivery of seven 2D video distrometers.
Our institute DIGITAL has completed the first phase of the Critical-Chains project with great success.
A team of experts in Graz, led by our Mars researcher Gerhard Paar, is evaluating the images from Perseverance. The technology was developed by…
DI Gerhard Paar erfasst die Daten in der Mojave-Wüste (US) mit dem Mastcam-Z-Emulator MAZE der Arizona State University, Credit: Arizona State University

Digital |

Mars-Rover in the Newspaper

In the newspaper Kleine Zeitung: "Perseverance" rover landed: Now Austrian technology is getting underway on Mars.

Digital |

The first flyover video!

Stones, dust and red vastness: The first flyover video at Mastcam-Z Blog.
Take a virtual 360° tour through our certified lab facilities
We are pleased to announce that JOANNEUM Research HEALTH has successfully renewed the GLP certification for its analytical laboratory, strengthening…
Helene Schiffbänker and the Science Minister Heinz Fassmann.
The Käthe-Leichter-Award is awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of women's and gender studies in the social sciences, humanities and…