Research area

Design and Evaluation of Funding Programs and Institutions

We evaluate different policy instruments such as funding programs, regulations and public procurement directives, but also governance structures, funding agencies, academic institutions and research infrastructures. Over the past two decades, the institutional landscape as well as the promotion and support for services in the fields of science, technology and innovation policy have been significantly enhanced. At the same time, clear milestones toward the better coordination and reform of existing structures on the European, national and regional level were reached. Evaluations and supervised monitoring provide important basic information about how to deal with challenges and reforms. We meet the high demands that are placed on evaluators today, including:

  • Independence
  • Technical and economic competence
  • Knowledge of funding structures and the policy landscape
  • Familiarity with methods of innovative acquisition and analysis that, in addition to supplementing available information, particularly support connections between and exploitation of existing sources.

The research group Technology, Innovation and Policy Consulting has many years of experience in this area, as well as national and international referees, and continually develops its methods and skills together with its partners.