Solutions for lighting technologies through sensor fusion and artificial intelligence

The lighting technology sector is undergoing a paradigm shift currently. The main focus of emerging illumination systems is not only the light source like LED itself, it is much more the realization of comprehensive light and illumination concepts by utilizing sensors, control systems, connectivity and communication.


During the multi year project SmartLight2Live fundamental scientific research questions in the area of fusing innovative LED based functionalities, like Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Visible Light Positioning (VLP), with other Sensor- and Communication technologies in the context of Smart Home and Internet of Everything (IoE) are dealt with. With Light quality, Energy efficiency and Data security taken into account new innovative solution approaches are developed by utilizing Sensor Fusion and Artificial Intelligence methods.


The target of this project is to research new technologies and methods using visible light for communication (VLC) and position estimation (VLP) in the context of a sensor rich system (multi  function luminaire), which will expand and improve the functionalities of classical Smart Home and IoT environments. Especially the fusion of this heterogeneous sensor data with the light based functionalities is of great importance, since every underlying technology has it’s specific advantages and disadvantages. By fusing theses multi source data precise, interference free and continuous functionalities like determining the position of a user in the room should be provided. Important aspects like light quality, data security and energy efficiency are the cornerstones of the field in which possible solution approaches are researched.

A main focus of this project is to research and establish methods of artificial intelligence in such a system. It needs detailed examination which methods are applicable in this particular project context efficiently. The goal is to demonstrate new possibilities for event detection and user interaction in the private indoor use by utilizing artificial intelligence.

Questions of classical IoT Environments (green coloured rings) shall be expanded by the questions of illumination/light quality and visible light communication to come to holistic and comprehensive solution approaches.

Technologies and Methods
  • Detailed simulation of Visible Light Communication scenarios by Ray Tracing techniques
  • Fusion of sensors, which have different measurement principles and signals (e.g.: acoustic sensors, acceleration sensors etc.)
  • Methods for position determination with diverse approaches like fingerprinting, time-of-Flight, Angle of Arrival etc.
  • Data communication and position estimation utilizing modulated visible light
  • Artificial Intelligence methods (e.g.: Machine Learning)
  • Simulation, Design and Implementation of electronic circuits and systems
  • Manufacturing, Test and Verification of the designed complete system
  • Setup and evaluation of the multi-function luminaire in a Test-Bed Environment
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Project part-financed by the Federal State of Austria, the Province of Burgenland and the European Regional Development Fund in the context of the Investment for growth and jobs goal.