Social Robot Pepper

Robot „Companion“

The robot Pepper, which was as a "robot companion” programmed, is a joint product of the French company Aldebaran Robotics SAS and the japain Telecommunications- and Media Group SoftBank Mobile Corp. The Social Robot is 1.20 meters tall and weighs 29 kg, he can speak, listen, gesticulate, dance, talk and make discussions. Interaction with people can be reached not only by attractive look, but also by the software in a classic tablet. Although Pepper designed and supplied with a basic set of applications, a practice-oriented specific software solution is required.


The robot is equipped with all components required for advanced AI activities, in order to recognize human emotions and to be able to react to them, to analyze facial expressions and gestures:

  • 4 omnidirectional microphones on the head;
  • 3D and 2HD RGB cameras with 5 megapixel resolution incl. Autofocus in the head area;
  • 2 speakers on the head;
  • Numerous touch sensors on the head, hands, chest and feet;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Force Sensing Resistor (FSR).

Since Pepper can not show facial expressions, other solutions have been used for the emotion indication: The bright area around the pupil of his eyes can take on different LED colors. A colour sequence produces the effect of an emotional response.

The robot can change the position of his head and shoulders by two motors; the motors control the wrist, the hands and the mobility of the knees. The hands can hold and carry a maximum weight of 500 grams. The generated movements also have a realistic effect due to the fact that the robot, with the help of sensory equipment, can move to the source of conversation perceived in the room. Pepper is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which allows about 12 hours of autonomy.

Credit: Sozialverein Deutschlandsberg

Project AMIGO

DIGITAL together with Partners develops an innovative multisensory robot platform based on the social robot Pepper for the entertaining motivation of people with dementia to perform daily activities in a concept of integrated multimodal training. This transforms the “digital angel" into a facilitator, which motivates to perform personalized exercises to stimulate cognitive processes and to involve coordinative exercises and social aspects.

Projekt AMIGO

Active and Assisted Living (AAL) & Digital Care

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