Digital solutions for smart monitoring of traffic infrastructure and the development of highly autonomous driving functions.


Intelligent acoustic solutions for road traffic. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Bergmann


We develop and research intelligent systems to increase safety in various areas of mobility. These include road traffic, but also rail traffic and off-road applications. The combination of competences from the fields of acoustic and visual sensor technology, including the associated signal processing, with technologies from remote sensing and navigation enables innovative solutions to be developed to market maturity.


Research focus:

  • Intelligent traffic monitoring
  • Highly autonomous driving
  • Digital traffic infrastructure
  • Visibility measurement
Acoustic tunnel monitoring


Intelligent acoustic solutions are used to monitor traffic and detect critical situations. The time from the occurrence of an incident to the alerting of the tunnel management is crucial in the event of a critical incident and is minimised by the innovative safety system of "Acoustic Tunnel Monitoring" AKUT® by means of microphones mounted in the tunnel. This saves valuable time and offers both the people involved in the accident and the following vehicles a maximum of immediate assistance and accident prevention.

Testing autonomous driving functions


The operation of the unique innovation laboratory offers services for the acquisition, processing and delivery of mobile mapping data, as well as the creation of highly accurate reference maps for testing and validation of automated driving functions. This results in UHD (Ultra High Definition) maps with the highest accuracy and completeness as well as the finest level of detail, which are also enriched with measurement data from radar and Lidar sensors for the purpose of sensor simulation and stimulation.

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Mobility image: Testing autonomous driving functions

Digital copy of the Körösistrasse-Wickenburggasse intersection in Graz for testing highly automated vehicles. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Visibility measurement


For air traffic safety as well as for the reliable and precise estimation of visibility conditions and to mitigate the disadvantages of current subjective observer reports, visIvis®, a camera-based visibility measurement, provides a solution for the automatic determination of visibility conditions using image processing methods.


Kamerabasierte Sichtweitenmessung. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Transport planning


Modern visualisation techniques and mobile applications guarantee optimal decision support, improve participation processes in transport planning projects or help to create barrier-free access to the use of public transport.