The PHABULOµS consortium at the M22 meeting in Weiz. Copyright: EPIC
At the beginning of October we had the pleasure of welcoming the partners of the EU projects PHABULOµS, NexGenMicrofluidics and SYMPHONY for the first…
Article on Tuning flexible circuits with light
Researchers from Osaka University and JOANNEUM RESEARCH MATERIALS created flexible integrated circuits precisely tuned by illuminating an organic…
Austrian Research is Paving the Way for Super-fast Quantum Computers  
Infineon Austria has joined forces with Innsbruck University and JOANNEUM RESEARCH in the research on ion-based processors with integrated optics.
Happy Birthday, NextGenMicrofluidics! Welcome, Microfluidics Innovation Hub!
One year after the project launch, the NextGenMicrofluidics consortium celebrated the project's major technological progress and the foundation of the…
Patching Up Your Health

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Patching Up Your Health

Researchers at Osaka University and JOANNEUM RESEARCH develop ultrathin self-powered e-health patches that can monitor a user’s pulse and blood…
PyzoFlex®- Let’s go on snow!

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PyzoFlex®- Let’s go on snow!

First field tests of the PyzoFlex® sensors on snow showed that the piezoelectric sensors work reliably even under extreme conditions such as cold,…
Sheet-type piezoelectric system with self-generation and storage functions (Image of an integrated system)

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Patching up your health

Researchers at Osaka University and JOANNEUM RESEARCH develop ultrathin self-powered e-health patches that can monitor a user’s pulse and blood…
Martin Smolka is a specialist in the field of microfluidics, in particular for so-called lab-on-a-foil systems.

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Dr Martin Smolka of MATERIALS

In the Spotlight is the specialist for the field of microfluidics, especially for so-called lab-on-a-foil systems.
Anja Haase is technical coordinator in the H2020 project NextGenMicrofluidics.
Anja Haase is technical coordinator in the H2020 project NextGenMicrofluidics.
INNO4COV-19 supports the fast deployment of solutions to fight COVID-19 in 2 years
The €6.1 million project INNO4COV-19 is committed to supporting the commercialization of new products across Europe for combatting COVID-19 over the…
Competitively priced method for the production of diagnostic chips
In medical diagnostics, patient-oriented rapid diagnostics, so-called point-of-care diagnostics, is becoming more and more important. In this context,…
ORF wissenswert: Lab-on-a-Foil for medical diagnostics.
Andreas Kröpfl, researcher in the field of Smart Connected Lighting, sets up the spectral goniometer in the lighting and integration laboratory.
This makes us a part of the new European centre for digital photonics innovations and the 19 million Euro Photonics Digital Innovation Hub.
COVID-19 antibody test from GENSPEED Biotech GmbH based on microfluidics
Dr. Max Sonnleitner, CEO of GENSPEED Biotech GmbH, a partner of JOANNEUM RESEARCH, presented the company's COVID-19 test portfolio at the MATERIALS…
Die weltweit einzigartige Trocknungs- und Polungsanlage für Pyzoflex®-Sensoren der JOANNEUM RESEARCH ist am Institut MATERIALS in Weiz in Betrieb.
JOANNEUM RESEARCH's new drying and poling system for Pyzoflex® sensors, which is unique in the world, has recently gone into operation at the…
New infrastructure for quality assurance of sensors
Recently the new, worldwide unique drying and poling machine for Pyzoflex® sensors of JOANNEUM RESEARCH at the Institut MATERIALS in Weiz has been put…
In the Spotlight: Dr. Martin Zirkl of MATERIALS
In the Spotlight: Dr. Martin Zirkl
The new drying and polishing system is used for printed sensors.
The new drying and poling machine is used for printed sensors.
Let’s rethink plastic!

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Let’s rethink plastic!

FlexFunction2Sustain – Open Innovation Test Bed launched on 1 April to boost innovations for sustainable plastic and paper products to reach the…
Development of high-resolution printing technologies - Start of the HI-ACCURACY project
The European project HI-ACCURACY coordinated by MATERIALS started on April 1st, 2020. HI-ACCURACY is funded by HORIZON 2020 research framework…
Smart Materials for Energy Harvesting: the SYMPHONY project has started
The H2020 European research project SYMPHONY (Smart Hybrid Multimodal Printed Harvesting of Energy), coordinated by Joanneum Research, has started on…
Prospects of lab-on-a-chip research: Dr. Martin Smolka in an interview with Ärzte Exklusiv
Dr. Martin Smolka, project manager of the H2020 project NextGenMicrofluidics, spoke exclusively to Ärzte Exklusiv about the role of lab-on-a-chip…
Route towards Sustainable Smart Sensors
Dr. Barbara Stadlober, Dr. Martin Zirkl and Dr. Mihai Irimia-Vladu placed a review article on the topic of sustainable smart sensors in the…
MATERIALS: Energy from the facade

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MATERIALS: Energy from the facade

Prospectively, not only roof surfaces, but also facades, balconies and canopies can increasingly be used with photovoltaics modules. New…
FLASHED - Transparent sensor surface for tablet computers
The Institute of Surface Technologies and Photonics of JOANNEUM RESEARCH in Austria developed in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences…