Austrian Robotics Workshops

The Austrian Robotics Workshop originates from the Austrian RoboCup Workshop annually held by the RoboCup Austrian National Commitee. The Workshop seeks to bring together researchers, professionals and practitioners working on diverse topics in robotics in order to discuss recent developments and challenges in robotics and its applications. The workshop takes place once a year at various locations in Austria.

The year 2024 brings something new: After a long tradition of individual and joint OAGM and ARW/GMAR workshops, the first joint symposium is now being organised. AIRoV 2024 is the joint symposium of the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence (ASAI), the Society for Measurement, Automation and Robotics (GMAR) and the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (OAGM).

AIRoV - The First Austrian Symposium on AI, Robotics, and Vision will take place on 26-27 March 2024 in Innsbruck.


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