On the modular test and verification platform a wide variety of industrial production challenges can be simulated and solutions will be developed. The flexible industrial components of the Hands-on-Area can be used to set up simple handling or sensory problems or even human-robot working systems and thus your task can be realized.

Our experts work according to the "Fail Fast Approach" in order to find possible problems of your task and they will develop appropriate solutions for its automatization. This requires the workpieces or components as well as the framework conditions of your production process.

Hands-on-Area and CHIMERA, fltr. Thomas Stähle,  Bernhard Holzfeind, Stefanie Puschl-Schliefnig


  • Handling and sensor technology in robot-based automation
  • Verification and feasibility analysis of automation tasks
  • Sensitive robotics
  • Industrial AI-technologies
  • Design of human-robot collaborative processes

The focus is on your problem. The Hands-on-Area and our experts support the validation and the feasibility of the process, you want to automate. The available equipment allows to simulate problems of reliable detection, gripping and manipulation as well as force-guided assembly processes or flexible (matrix) production.

Special attention is paid to the integration proximity in order to implement the developed solution in the shortest possible time.

The test platform consists of four workstations which can be used individually or together.
Robot systems from various manufacturers as well as 2D and 3D vision and gripping systems
are accessible through the Hands-on-Area.


The components can be easily combined with each other due to the modular design of the Hands-on-Area. If you would like to know whether we can replicate your production process on our test platform, please contact Chris Torkar.

What is available?

  • Two conveyor belts for expansion and area-internal intralogistics
  • 3D and 2D vision systems for workpiece recognition and task execution
  • Industrial 6-axis robot in reconfigurable position
  • High-performance industrial PC for computing intensive AI applications
  • Industrial safety and automation systems for application-related integration and operator protection


That can be implemented:

  • Testing of industrial AI-technologies
  • Reliable detection, gripping and manipulation
  • Force-guided assembly processes
  • Integration of mobile manipulation in assembly and intralogistics
  • Application of "industrial Edge" for task autonomy
  • Human-robot assistance and collaboration
  • Applied hands-on training of skilled workers