Culture and Creative Industries

Efficient digital solutions for preserving cultural heritage and creating new media formats.


Efficient digital solutions for the preservation of cultural heritage. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH


We research solutions for the sustainable preservation of cultural heritage and the design of new, interactive media formats that exploit the possibilities of modern consumer electronics.

In addition to technical solutions, we offer above all the necessary competence and experience to advise on migration concepts and the optimisation of workflows and to develop customised solutions.

Research focus:

  • Documentation and inventory
  • Quality assurance in the digitisation of film and video
  • Media production and monitoring
Documentation and inventory


We offer a range of solutions that contribute to the preservation, conservation and accessibility of cultural heritage. Driven by the possibilities of digitisation, originally from paper index cards to today's high-resolution film and video objects, our software solutions contribute to supporting all work processes. From the registration and cataloguing of objects to scientific evaluations, the planning of exhibitions and the creation of websites and catalogues.

In recent years, DIGITAL has been able to assert itself in several international tenders for archaeological information systems with its holistic solution imdas pro, combined with excellent application knowledge and consulting services. If the requirement is to migrate from existing data stocks from mostly historically grown databases into a new, sustainably maintained and further developed information system, then DIGITAL with its team of experts and imdas pro offers the optimal customised solution.

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Film and video quality analysis


In the field of audio-visual media, JOANNEUM RESEARCH has developed the world's first film restoration solution that is purely software-based and runs on standard computers. This solution, which has been successfully marketed worldwide by a Styrian company for many years and is being further developed together with it, enables the automatic removal of typical ageing faults and defects such as dust, scratches, mould stains or discolouration.

Film-/Video Restoration

Based on the procedures for digital restoration, a product was developed for the automatic content-based quality assessment of film and video content.

VidiCert is the quality assurance (QC) solution specialised in ensuring the highest digitisation quality for film and video collections. The extensive automated features for detecting specific audio-visual errors that may occur in the digitisation process and the highly efficient interactive QC features enable cost-efficient and high-quality digitisation workflows for broadcast archives, film archives and any other institution that wants to preserve and reuse archived videos and films.

Quality Assurance Film/Video