Human-centered Computing

Development of technical systems in which the human being is at the centre of the cooperation between man and machine.

Human Factors Labor. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Bergmann

Human Factors Labor. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Bergmann

We analyse and measure human impact factors to optimise the development and design of products, processes and systems, putting people at the centre of technological development. In an increasingly automated world where we communicate with real, virtual and cyber-physical environments via digital interfaces, the design of these interfaces is essential to improve human well-being and system performance.

Our Human Factors Lab allows us to conduct studies to measure human factors such as attention, stress, emotion and behaviour in a wide range of applications.


Research focus:

  • Digital Care
  • Assistence Systems
  • Multimodal interaction
  • Performance diagnostics
  • Social Robotics


Active and Assisted Living (AAL) & Digital Care

Due to the effects of demographic change, social awareness of the possibilities of digitalisation in health and care is increasing. This is also reflected in the European strategy for the transformation of the healthcare sector in the Digital Single Market. Active and Assisted Living (AAL) as well as digitisation in care are therefore also of great importance for DIGITAL, which is reflected in numerous research projects with renowned partners from health and care.

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