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imdas pro - archivis pro: Software for Museums

imdas pro enables the creation of a living witness to the past and present as well as a documentary for the future.

imdas pro - the complete integrated solution for museums
imdas pro - the complete, powerful and scalable system for scientific documentation
imdas pro - vital and vibrant as the modern museum

imdas pro ist is a complete integrated package for modern museum management, which can be used in  all museum collections (nature, art, culture, archeology, geology, numismatics, botany, zoology, mineralogy, paleontology). Functions and masks (registration, inventory, search function and thesaurus, plus user access screens) can be used throughout the collection. In this way, a uniform method for processing all existing objects in the museum is used. Not only museum employees have access to the collections and retrieval of objects, it is also possible for museum visitors (e.g., through their presentation via the Internet) and is therefore simplified.

Use of various media for documentation

Documentation has become very important because current computer technology has made it possible to use various types of media (video, audio technology, optical storage) to represent objects in collections with high fidelity. This makes it possible for members of the public to access images in a computer rather than the original items. This is of the greatest importance for the preservation of valuable and irreplaceable cultural heritage items, because each instance of access to the originals endangers the materials.

The program package supports you during all processes of labor - from the registration and cataloging of the objects to scientific analysis, and on to planning exhibits, creating websites and catalogs.

The program imdas pro includes a standard module, which contains the initial object detection masks and basic recording functions, and add-on modules that provide useful additional functions and cover broader requirements. These additional modules especially simplify the use and re-use of the collected data.

Data available to the public

It is becoming increasingly important to make data and objects accessible to the general public and to the scientific community for research purposes. With our module imdas Web, you can make your data directly accesible via the Internet. Needless to say, you as the data holder determine which data is visible for which group of users on the web. By starting with simple research and going on to an advanced search, registered users can search different levels of the collections or use the search results to explore further.

imdas pro has been and will be further developed in collaboration with museum curators and cultural experts. It can be adapted to meet individual requirements and is in successful use in numerous museums - for mineralogical collections as well as collections relevant to archeology, botany, zoology, art and culture.

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