Martin Blass (l.) und Franz Graf (r.) am Informationsstand zum Thema Lärmemissionen von Drohnen, Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

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Drone Forum Austria 2024

Franz Graf and Martin Blass took part in the BMK event on the topic of "Drone Strategy 2.0" and presented news on the measurement of drone noise…
The DIGITAL Institute has developed a system for transporting contaminated or highly infectious people by aeroplane and monitoring them with sensors.
Gerhard Paar from the DIGITAL Institute presenting the work on the Hera 3D GIS, Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH, P. Caballo-Perucha
Our experts from DIGITAL presented their contribution to space security at the HERA INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP.
Credit: Matthias Rüther, Institute Director DIGITAL and Project Coordinator ESRIUM, Photo: M. Rindler
The test week for the ESRIUM H2020 project took place last week from 31.07.-04.08. at the DigiTrans Proving Ground in St. Valentin. The week should…
Credit: 3D model ÖBB infrastructure, JOANNEUM RESEARCH
TARO - Towards Automated Rail Operation: under this motto, the Austrian Federal Railways laid a foundation stone in digitization in order to…
Credit: Fraunhofer Austria GmbH, Kick-Off-Meeting PRESENT

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Kick-off for PRESENT

With an innovative security-by-design approach, our DIGITAL and ROBOTICS researchers want to solve security problems of our time.
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