The DIGITAL Institute has developed a system for transporting contaminated or highly infectious people by aeroplane and monitoring them with sensors.
Gerhard Paar from the DIGITAL Institute presenting the work on the Hera 3D GIS, Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH, P. Caballo-Perucha
Our experts from DIGITAL presented their contribution to space security at the HERA INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP.
Credit: Matthias Rüther, Institute Director DIGITAL and Project Coordinator ESRIUM, Photo: M. Rindler
The test week for the ESRIUM H2020 project took place last week from 31.07.-04.08. at the DigiTrans Proving Ground in St. Valentin. The week should…
Credit: 3D model ÖBB infrastructure, JOANNEUM RESEARCH
TARO - Towards Automated Rail Operation: under this motto, the Austrian Federal Railways laid a foundation stone in digitization in order to…
Credit: Fraunhofer Austria GmbH, Kick-Off-Meeting PRESENT

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Kick-off for PRESENT

With an innovative security-by-design approach, our DIGITAL and ROBOTICS researchers want to solve security problems of our time.
Credit: JOANNEUM RESERCH, Karl Radakovitz (JR), Franz Graf (JR), Rudolf Procházka (Powerdynax), Matuš Honek (Powerdynax) started a successful cooperation to install AKUT® in the Czech Republic's tunnels. (from left to right)
The Acoustic Tunnel Monitoring system AKUT® will go into operation in Brno and Prague before the end of 2023. The AKUT® systems in both tunnels are…
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