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With an innovative security-by-design approach, our DIGITAL and ROBOTICS researchers want to solve security problems of our time.
Credit: JOANNEUM RESERCH, Karl Radakovitz (JR), Franz Graf (JR), Rudolf Procházka (Powerdynax), Matuš Honek (Powerdynax) started a successful cooperation to install AKUT® in the Czech Republic's tunnels. (from left to right)
The Acoustic Tunnel Monitoring system AKUT® will go into operation in Brno and Prague before the end of 2023. The AKUT® systems in both tunnels are…
Patrick Luley is head of the Digital Twin Lab
In the air, on the ground and on the road: the Digital Twin Lab creates digital twins with various measuring devices. In this way, reality can be…
Matthias Rüther leitet seit Anfang 2022 das Institut DIGITAL.
Matthias Rüther, Director of DIGITAL, in an interview about the digital mobility transition and the influence of the human factor on developments in…
WKO Styria in cooperation with DIH Süd, UNI Graz, Know Center and JOANNEUM RESEARCH invited to an exclusive digitization breakfast including workshop. Credit: DHI South
Werner Bailer from the DIGITAL Institute was present at the business breakfast of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce and was able to contribute his…
3D reconstruction from Mastcam-Z camera stereo images of the Boston Knob Formation.
Images from Mars: A recent publication on their interpretation and 3D visualization.

Zukunftskonferenz 2023 - Leistungsschau der JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Messe Congress Graz, 09:00 - 19:00