Press photos

Portrait photos of the CEO, the authorised signatories in the senior management and the directors of the research units, plus a selection of photos of Forschungsgesellschaft JOANNEUM RESEARCH are available here in print-quality for downloading and use in various illustrations.

These illustrations can be used for publishing free of Charge, taking into account the terms of copyright. Should you need any additional illustration materials, the Public Relations & Marketing Department will be glad to help you.

Rights of use

The images may be used solely for purposes related to JOANNEUM RESEARCH. We only permit use of the photos if each photo is accompanied by an indication of copyright and a photographer credit, e.g. © JOANNEUM RESEARCH / Name of photographer. Transfer to third parties is expressly prohibited. Any further or other use requires the written consent of JOANNEUM RESEARCH. We expressly prohibit any subsequent processing or alterations using electronic systems.

Portrait photos


Executive board, the authorised signatories and the directors of research units

Dr Heinz Mayer, Chief Executive Officer

Erwin Kubista

Helmut Wiedenhofer

Dr Paul Hartmann, Institute Director MATERIALS

Prof. Dr Thomas Pieber, Institute Director HEALTH

Dr Frank Sinner, Institute Director HEALTH

Harald Mayer, interim Institute Director DIGITAL

Wolfgang Polt, Institute Director POLICIES

Dr Franz Prettenthaler, M.Litt, Institute Director LIFE

Dr Lars-Peter Kamolz, MSc, Centre Director COREMED