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Pilot line and OITB projects

MATERIALS is currently involved in five EU projects whose main goal is to ensure easy access to holistic services that support innovation. In these projects, together with our international partners, MATERIALS supports customers in material and product design, technology and product development, product verification and certification, with pilot and low-volume production, as well as in the development of funding sources, markets and business opportunities.

Thanks to these five EU research projects, JOANNEUM RESEARCH can offer additional know-how from a large network of companies and research organisations along entire value chains, in addition to its own core competences. For interested customers, these EU projects provide access to research and development services that are financially supported by the EU. The results from these cooperations are quickly and directly exploitable for the participating companies.

Our success factor for you - the entire value chain from a single source

  • Excellence in many technologies
  • Easy access to experts
  • Easy access to entire value chains
  • Faster from development to series production
  • Short lead times, hardly any administrative effort
  • Easily accessible and affordable, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises



MedPhab is Europe’s first Pilot Line dedicated to manufacturing, testing, validation and up-scaling of new photonics technologies for medical diagnostics. The purpose of MedPhab pilot production line is to accelerate the commercialisation of diagnostic devices and instruments for treatment based on photonics, and to reduce the R&D costs.


The FlexFunction2Sustain (FF2S) project develops dedicated services to boost innovation for sustainable nanofunctionalised flexible plastic and paper based products. These services include material and process design, prototype development, upscaling, pilot production, testing and verification, access to networks, finance and markets.


With the H2020 project NextGenMicrofluidics a new Open Innovation Test Bed was granted to a consortium under the coordination of the MATERIALS Institute. Within NextGenMicrofluidics a sustainable provider for open innovation will be established, which combines the competences of the consortium and offers services for the development and production of innovative and low cost microfluidic systems to companies from start-up to large industry.


PHABULOuS represents the full value chain and consists of Europe’s leading companies and research and technology organisations in the field of micro-optics. As pilot line, we offer a full range of services from optical design and origination to pilot and volume production, including tooling, material selection and quality control. All synchronised to ensure a smooth process and to reduce lead times from several months to several weeks.

PhotonHub Europe

Photonics is a broad-based technology that enables an enormous variety of applications in a wide range of fields. The EU-funded PhotonHub Europe project will establish a single EU-wide photonics innovation centre as a one-stop shop bringing together breakthrough photonics technologies, facilities, expertise and the experience of 53 European partners. The centre will ensure that all stakeholders have access to support services: Training and education opportunities at PhotonHub's demo and experience centres; 'testing before investing' to connect with companies with highly collaborative innovation projects; and investment readiness coaching and investor matching. PhotonHub Europe will support cross-border innovation activities and establish the PhotonHub Europe Association.