Credit JOANNEUM RESEARCH / Manuela Schwarzl

MATERIALS – cleanroom class 6 for nano-structuring, novel electronic components and sensors - certified according to ISO 14644



Cleanliness level: max. 35,200 particles per cubic meter, size ≥ 0.5 µm; max. 8,320 particles per cubic meter, size ≥ 1 µm; max. 293 particles per cubic meter, size ≥ 5 µm.

  • Air exchange: 12 times room volume / h
  • Air recirculation through FFUs: 40 – 60 times room volume  / h
  • Temperature winter/summer: 21/24 ± 2 °C
  • Relative humidity: 45 ± 10


Research services

Micro- and nano-structuring, mastering, analytics, feasibility studies, microelectronics experiment series up to 6 inches


Methods, expertise and research infrastructure

Modern facilities and research infrastructure are combined with the expertise of highly qualified scientific staff, making pioneering research, problem solving and scientific services possible and in unison with the economy and industry. Below are examples of the methods offered.

  • Nano-imprint-lithography, batch processed (up to 4 x 4 inch) in a cleanroom environment (UV –NIL and Hot-Embossing NIL)
  • Electron-beam-lithography
  • Photo-lithography
  • Reactive ion-etching (RIE) O2/Ar/N2/SF6/CFu
  • Surface modification using O2/N2/NH3 - Plasma
  • Modular pilot line including glovebox-cluster
  • Inkjet print process development in a cleanroom environment
  • Surface morphology using Scanning tunnelling microscopy (SEM)
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