Paternity Leave – Effects on Men’s Careers

The goal of the research project is to investigate in collaboration with students the effects of paternity leave on the career paths of men. While a long history of interest in the consequences of maternity leave to provide child care on women for career, employment and gender researcher exists, the effects of paternity leave on the career paths of men have rarely been studied.

Comprehen- sive analysis

Based on the results of a comprehensive literature review and an analysis of the data from associations, fathers on paternity leave are described and their income and career development compared with those of a group of men who did not interrupt their careers. During personal interviews, the subjective motives for entering paternity leave and career orientations of the men are assessed and form the basis for the analysis of implications about the careers. Personnel or corporate managers will be asked about their experiences and strategies for dealing with paternity leave, because the corporate culture significantly influences further career development after paternity leave. Group discussions with colleagues of the fathers in paternity leave provide insights into the set social practices that are essential for the success of re-entry or for more successful professional careers. Of particular research interest is whether and how these periods of unpaid leave contribute to changes in the applicable company standards (how career paths are understood, role models), and thus to the organizational culture. Results of these analyses can be compared and/or combined with those from research in the Nordic region through cooperation with Swedish research partners that will allow an appropriate transfer of knowledge.

  • Sparkling Science - a programme of the Ministry of Science and Research