Wood Processing Industry in Carinthia

Within the framework of the project, the importance of the wood processing industry for the regional economy in Carinthia is presented. This is done from different perspectives using a variety of different indicators. These include the number of employees, exports, R&D activities, etc. The presentation is as detailed as possible and is suitable for drawing a comprehensive picture of the importance of the wood processing industry for Carinthia as a business location.

In addition, the sectoral innovation system is analysed. Here, the sector is assumed to be the system boundary in the description of innovation mechanisms. This follows the realisation that different sectors have different technological trajectories, which must be taken into account in the analysis of innovation activities. An important element for the analysis of the sectoral innovation system is the consideration of the relevant actors. Therefore, in addition to a description of the sector-specific innovation behaviour, the analysis includes a presentation of the core actors of the sectoral innovation system.

Modern tall timber construction is made possible by the European development of large timber panels called cross laminated timber. This has high economic potential. In addition, the potential of wood as a material in construction, especially in multi-storey buildings, is discussed, and preconditions and obstacles are discussed. In addition to developments in connection with market demand, differences in national support measures must also be addressed.

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