Functional Printing 

At JOANNEUM RESEARCH we run the largest Austrian research group for functional printing. Possible applications include, for example, the printing of electrical conductors, sensors or fluorescent structures.

Our interdisciplinary team of highly qualified experts has many years of experience in the development of printing processes and is happy to discuss your application and the related requirements with you.


in the lab

in the lab (credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/ Schwarzl)

Electrostatic Jet Printing (ESJET)

Electrostatic Jet Printing (ESJET, credit JOANNEUM RESEARCH)


Micoarray-Spotter (credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH /Schwarzl

Your application - Bring Life to your Surface

For a product or application we are the one-stop-shop for the development of scalable printing processes. We cover the complete value chain:

We offer in detail: 

  • Development of customized 2D, 2.5D and 3D printing processes using available technologies:
  • Customized software and hardware adaptations for the PIXDRO LP50 printing platform
  • Ink development and ink characterization
  • Ink evaluation and ink printability testing
  • Substrate surface functionalization and substrate characterization
  • Waveform optimization via dropwatcher experiments (inkjet)
  • Thermal and Photonic Postprocessing
  • Characterization by optical microscopy, AFM, SEM
  • Conductivity tests of printed structures
  • Stability tests under various environmental influences (temperature, humidity, ...)
  • Customer-specific training and consulting
You can find additional information in our folder:
For further information please contact:
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