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in the lab

in the lab (credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/ Schwarzl)

Electrostatic Jet Printing (ESJET)

Electrostatic Jet Printing (ESJET, credit JOANNEUM RESEARCH)


Micoarray-Spotter (credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH /Schwarzl

Your application - Bring Life to your Surface

For a product or application we are the one-stop-shop for the development of scalable printing processes. We cover the complete value chain:



We offer in detail: 


  • Development of customized 2D, 2.5D and 3D printing processes using available technologies:
  • Customized software and hardware adaptations for the PIXDRO LP50 printing platform
  • Ink development and ink characterization
  • Ink evaluation and ink printability testing
  • Substrate surface functionalization and substrate characterization
  • Waveform optimization via dropwatcher experiments (inkjet)
  • Thermal and Photonic Postprocessing
  • Characterization by optical microscopy, AFM, SEM
  • Conductivity tests of printed structures
  • Stability tests under various environmental influences (temperature, humidity, ...)
  • Customer-specific training and consulting
You can find additional information in our folder:
For further information please contact:
Phone:+43 316 876-3405
Fax+43 316 8769-3405
PIXDRO application lab