International Research Activities


Europe’s future is connected to its power to innovate: to turn great ideas into products and services that will bring growth to our economy and create jobs. [1]


[1] European Commission, Directorate-General Communication: The European Union Explained: Research and Innovation, Brussels, November 2014, 12 pages.

Research and innovation are among the top priorities of the Europe 2020 strategy for creating and securing growth and employment. This is to ensure a high level of employment and productivity and strengthen social cohesion in Europe. The attainment of these objectives will promote the development of the European Member States and contribute to strengthening Europe's position in the global context. In its Innovation Union initiative the European Union focuses its efforts and collaboration with non-EU countries on the great challenges of our time. The public administration is to take the corresponding measures to stimulate the private sector and to eliminate bottlenecks that prevent ideas from reaching the market. Science and research provide the basis for maintaining a leading position in the global context. Austria is a successful industrial and exporting country and its economy depends on the export success of its companies. The positive impact of international research and development projects and strong involvement in the international research community are essential for achieving the scientific and technological standards required to develop technologies, processes and products for the global market. International collaborations open up (new) access to (fundamental) knowledge, current and emerging trends and new approaches. They also strengthen the reputation and the image of the relevant institution or company, in turn opening up further new possibilities. JOANNEUM RESEARCH is strongly embedded in the international and European research landscape. International collaborations and projects represent an essential competitive factor in terms of location policy and are also an important hallmark of quality. Experience has shown that a consistent international focus of research activities is closely associated with a commitment to quality, excellence and innovation. Its international research and development projects and excellent international network promote the strategic and economic development of JOANNEUM RESEARCH and have become indispensable prerequisites for achieving its corporate tasks. JOANNEUM RESEARCH will continue its successful internationalisation strategy and further expand its international activities.  

The key pillars of the internationalisation strategy include:

  • participation in European Union programmes,
  • cooperation with export-oriented companies at all JOANNEUM RESEARCH locations,
  • cooperation with international companies,
  • participation in programmes and projects of the European Space Agency,
  • membership in international organisations,
  • leveraging institutional and personal international networks,
  • cooperation with Austrian and international institutions and the public sector on specific issues.