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Efficient image and sound quality control for video and film

VidiCert is the quality control (QC) solution specialised in ensuring highest digitisation quality for film and video collections. Its extensive set of automated functions for detecting specific audiovisual defects occurring in the digitisation process and its highly time-efficient eyeball QC functions enable cost–efficient and high-quality digitisation workflows for broadcast archives, film archives, and any other institution preserving and re-using archived video and film.

In addition, any QC task in video and moving image acquisition, post-production, exchange and delivery, where image and sound quality needs to be checked thoroughly, benefits greatly from VidiCert’s unique set of automated and interactive image and sound QC features.

On the VidiCert website you can find detailed information about the solution, the benefits and specialised functions for the main customer scenarios (Video Digitisation QC, Film Scanning QC, Content QC, Production QC, Delivery- and Webvideo QC), as well as details on reference customers projects and a download area for the VidiCert product brochure and data sheet.

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