HEALTH ist Partner des AHF 2022
The Austrian Health Forum (AHF) will take place in Schladming from May 12 to 14, 2022.
[Translate to English:] Certified Laboratory of biocrates - JOANNEUM RESEARCH HEALTH
We are happy and proud to announce that JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s Metabolomics Laboratory has now been certified as reference laboratory for biocrates.
20 Years of Cutting-Edge Research in the Health Sector
HEALTH - Institute of Biomedicine and Health Sciences at JOANNEUM RESEARCH researches medical technology solutions to improve people's lives. Now the…
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Collecting antibodies and large molecule biomarkers in mouse interstitial brain fluid: MS vs cOFM
In the latest issue of the Journal MABS, Florie Le Prieult and colleagues from AbbVie Germany published latest results they observed after measuring…

93. Digitaldialog: Digitalisierung im Gesundheitswesen - Herausforderungen, Entwicklungen, Lösungen

Leonhardstraße 59, 8010 Graz, 17:00 - 12:00