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Metabolomics / Biomarker research

We are actively developing innovative and optimized analytical methods that can be used to investigate metabolic processes. Toward this end, we pool our bio-analytical, statistical, medical, biological and biochemical expertise and conjoin it with advanced information technology. This strategy allows us to offer a wide range of customer-oriented services in the field of metabolomics and metabolic research.


Our services

Quantification of metabolites

Complete quantification of metabolites using isotope-labeled internal standards.

Profiling classes of metabolites

  • Coenzyme A activated substances isolated from tissues, cell and yeast cultures
  • Polyamines from serum / plasma / tissue (human / animal) samples
  • Phospholipids, triglycerides

Metabolic fingerprinting

Profiling small molecules in biological samples using chromatography coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry (Orbitrap). Alterations in patterns of small molecules are examined using sophisticated statistical methods that have tailored for biomarker identification.

Profiling classes of metabolites - targeted / untargeted metabolomics

LC coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry based on Orbitrap technology allows the identification of metabolites in fingerprints on the basis of their exact molecular mass and retention time. This technology enables the user to study small molecule profiles while simultaneously targeting specific substances and substance classes.

Application: hypothesis-driven biomarker discovery, characterization of pharmaceuticals from natural sources (tea, plant extracts), metabolic research.

Optimized methods for quenching cellular metabolism

Specific metabolites resulting from energy metabolism are, in turn, metabolized at a high conversion speed. In order to carry out investigations on these metabolites, the background enzymatic reactions must be stopped (quenched) quickly and exactly at the desired time point. The metabolite concentrations are then preserved in the sample. This can be achieved by optimizing the methods for quenching cellular metabolism.

IT methods
  • Peak detection, peak integration, retention time correction, peak grouping
  • Metabolite identification
  • Development of univariate and multivariate statistical methods
  • Data visualization
  • Data filtering and correction


CBmed, a K1 competence center, links excellent research infrastructure, scientific expertise, medical knowledge, national and international industry partners for systematic medical biomarker research.

CBmed research projects will identify new biomarkers, validate potential biomarkers and conduct translational biomarker research for products to be used in clinical practice.

CBmed will develop easily applicable, targeted, minimally invasive biomarkers for better diagnosis, better therapy monitoring and a more personalized treatment of patients.

In CBmed's biomarker research JOANNEUM RESEARCH's metabolomics infrastructure and services are used in the targeted and untargeted search for new biomarkers but also for the validation of biomarkers in different sets of samples.

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Combines exciting results from bioanalytical, small molecule screening studies with medical and biological expertise by using new methods in information technology.

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