Thematic Area

Information and Production Technologies

Digital biosensor analysis for real-time interaction in the Human Factors Lab, Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/ Bergmann

Manufacturing of products and goods is a major keystone supporting the prosperity and competitiveness of Europe in global markets. Comprehensive advances in production processes from increased digitalisation to optimisation in the sense of a functioning and low CO2 circular economy are required to secure the European business landscape.

    More than 250 experts in JOANNEUM RESEARCH work in the areas:

    Depending on the application,  JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s activities range from conducting initial analyses and plausibility studies to the development of industrially applicable quality assurance systems, manufacturing processes and technologies, material and the analysis of industrial data.

    The prevailing research infrastructure is adapted to business and industry-related requirements. Close collaboration between leading international research institutes ensures access to the latest international technology developments.

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